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BREAKING: Malta Closes All Non-Essential Retail Stores And Services, Bans All Public Gatherings


Malta has closed down all non-essential retail stores and services and has banned all public activities to help contain the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, Health Minister Chris Fearne has announced.

马耳他卫生部长克里斯·菲恩(Chris Fearne)宣布,马耳他已关闭所有非必要的零售商店和服务,并禁止所有公共活动以遏制COVID-19冠状病毒的传播。

This means that stores selling clothing items, electronics, household goods and toys, as well as hairdressers, beauticians and tattoo parlours will all close down as of tomorrow morning. Outlets providing crucial services, such as supermarkets, confectionaries, pet shops, postal services, medical services, banks, stationaries, transport companies, telecommunications companies and media outlets will remain open. Construction will also not be impacted by these new restrictions.


Shops will still be able to provide home deliveries.


Public gatherings will also be banned, with full details to be announced tomorrow morning.


Anyone who is caught breaking these rules will be fined €3,000.


The new restrictive measures were announced shortly after 17 new COVID-19 patients were confirmed in Malta, bringing the total number up to 90 cases.